Anyone heard of Native Teachers Recruiting in Santiago, Chile?

Hi there,

I've been offered a job to teach English in Santiago, Chile.
Before I go through with it though, I wanted to research the organisation hiring me.
The name is Native Teachers Recruiting (

Although they haven't offered me anything "too good to be true" or asked for a placement fee, which to me are the first signs of a scam, their on-the-nose name makes it hell to research them specifically on forums.

Has anyone heard of them or experienced work with them?

Hey there, I actually came across your post here looking for the same information.  I've been in contact with Native Teacher Recruiting as well and am in their interview process right now.  So far, the only testimonial I have been able to find is this one:

Let me know if you're able to find any other testimonials or information and please let me know if you end up taking the job.

I can vouch for Native Teachers,

When I arrived in Santiago two years they were my first employer, and they helped quite a bit with applying for my visa.

The pay rate isn't at the same level as what you would get doing classes directly (about 15.000 pesos per hour, but they're difficult to find as people generally trust institutes more), but it's still pretty good, between 8.000 and 13.000, depending on the type of class, distance, etc.