Anyone going to Paris? Schengen visa help

Anyone going to Paris in first week of Jan?
Also anyone has experience with schengen visa? I have few questions? Is there any place within the french embassy that has a photobooth? Also do i need a bank statement with my banks logo? Because the one that i get online is a plain bank statement with title of bank statement. Would that be enough?

Online Bank Statement is not accepted by many, so if you need for some official process then you apply in a bank manually for a bank statement they will provide it with a fee of SR 25.

thanks very much Kaby.
Anyone interested to apply with me for schengen so the acceptance to visa is kinda guaranteed? i heard applying in groups help. After applying, We wont be together in paris though as i am joining someone else there.

I am interested to join

Yes you can get easily Visit Visa if you apply in a group, but group of travelers should reside in the same country.

what if i am going/trying alone and for the first time?

Applying alone is also not a problem. I you Provide all required documents and a legal reason for your visit you will get the visa. i have seen so many applying alone and getting the visit visa for the first time.

what is the purpose of your visa? I'm looking for a student visa

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