NON EU Citizen- Travelling Europe. Can i travel without a Visa?

I have a PDS valid for 2 years and Carta Identita and a Philippine passport, because I am a non-EU citizen.

Can I travel to Paris for a short visit without a visa?

If I can travel without a visa, should I need to have an itinerary docs and proof of hotel accomodation for my visit?

Please any information will be appreciated.   I am planning to travel on May this year and I am really worried. 

Thank you.


Hi Maree20. I pulled the following from France Diplomatie website:

"I hold a valid Schengen visa issued by another Schengen State. Do I need a visa?

A Schengen visa (issued by a consulate or embassy of a Schengen State) is valid for all 26 States of the Schengen Area (including the European territory of France), unless it is marked otherwise on the visa sticker.
So you do not need another visa to enter or stay in the European territory of France. However, you must be in possession of documentary evidence for the reasons for your stay and your means of support."

From that, I take it that you can travel to France for a short visit without asking for another visa. You just need to have your documents with you - PDS , Carta Identita and Philippine passport.

But well, maybe someone else can shed light to this. :)

And more info from traveling within Europe from another website:
For non-EU citizens
You will need a valid passport.
Visa - If your visa is from a country fully applying the Schengen rules, it automatically allows you to travel to the other Schengen countries as well. Moreover, if you have a valid residence permit from one of those Schengen countries, it is equivalent to a visa. You may need a national visa to visit non-Schengen countries.

Border officials in EU countries may ask for other supporting documents such as an invitation letter, proof of funds and accomodation, return or round-trip ticket. For the precise requirements contact us.

Thank you so much,, Mzjgen, for these infos.  I really appreciate it!😀
The main purpose of my travel to Paris is to meet an old friend.  She is travelling from London and I am travelling from Italy.😊 So there is no invitation letter involved.  What I will be having are my Permesso di Soggiorno(with 2 yrs validity), my carta Identita, my passport and a round-trip ticket.  I do hope its enough for me to visit and stay for 4 days in Paris without any problem.

Residence permit
Each year my son a South African citizen has to renew his resident card in France .However when his residence card expires he is given a recipisse (receipt) in France to use for travelling to and from France to Johannesburg.He prefers flying Lufthanza due the seat spacing .Last year Using his Sourh African passport ,and  his recipisse he was refused boarding at Johannesburg onto Lufthanza.
Yet the following morning he was allowed on a Air France flight without any restrictions
But at the cost of a new Air France ticket hotel fees etc etc
We have questioned this with the perfecture in Nice and they adviise us that the recipisse is valid for travelling internationally yet Germany and their police say that the recipisse is not a travel document .
This year again he needs to renew his titre but again with a recipisse........
Seems there is a conflict with residence permit rules
Can you clarify please or who at EU can give me a directive please

Hello Carlpretorius,,,  As far as I know, not all airlines and countries as well, applies the same rules and restrictions in terms of travel documents.  I think the best thing he can do is to wait for his residence card to be released aside from the receipt that was given to him, before going to any Schengen countries to avoid problem at the airport immigration.  :)
By the way did the police also ask about his airticket and hotel booking? 

Good day and God Bless.

Problem is waiting for the card -
my son has to collect it personally in France.The French authorities  wlii not mail it out so how does he collect it if he Cannot (according to Germany) travel without the card.
France authorities insist the recipisse can be used to travel
The Germans say no the recipisse is not a travel document
Any idea who deals with visas, residence card at the EU in Bruselles
No questions were made re hotels etc

I renewed my carte de sejour this past December and was given a recepisse de demande de carte de sejour. The lady at the prefecture told me that I cannot travel OUTSIDE EU with recepisse but OK to travel within EU.

It's best to ask at the Prefecture again - or perhaps someone else on here will answer. One problem is that each préfecture seems to have their own way of doing things and no one seems to have a straight answer.

Thank you Mzjgen
I think you are correct it is bad information from the perfecture.....

Hi,,, can anyone here share his/her first travel experience at Orly airport, in Paris? How was the airport ground staff and the immigration queues?  As a resident in Italy, I have Permesso di soggiorno-Motivi Familiari,  am I allowed to use the Parafe system?☺

Maree20 :

Hi,,, can anyone here share his/her first travel experience at Orly airport, in Paris? How was the airport ground staff and the immigration queues?  As a resident in Italy, I have Permesso di soggiorno-Motivi Familiari,  am I allowed to use the Parafe system?☺

Hi Maree20,

Perhaps, you'll get more feedback by starting a new thread about Orly airport? Anyway, I've traveled through Orly a few times and I find it much more pleasant (ground staff and queues) than CDG. As for the Parafe system, I believe you need to register online before hand (if you do not have a French biometric passport).

I don't know if I'm allowed to paste a link here but I'll give it a shot... for more info check … ometrique/

Hi Mzjgen,

Thank you so much.  I really appreciate all the information you have given me.  I will book my trip by mid of April. :)
God Bless.


You're very welcome. Have a great trip!

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