Roommates in Egypt?

I am wanting to move to Egypt in May but i need a place to stay..... i was wondering if there is any Females in Egypt that are looking for an roommate?

Hi BlueQueen - 26,
Egypt is a very big place, where about's in Egypt are you going to move to. If your moving to Hurghada then I have a one bedroom self contained apartment for you to rent at a very cheap rate. I am not looking to make profit but help people like yourself. Swimming pool in the building and 8-10 minutes walk to the beach.
Your more than welcome to contact me, if you wish.

Hi everyone,

@bluequeen26, I suggest you to drop an advert under the Shared accommodation in Egypt section of the website.

Good luck


Yes i am thinking about moving to New Cairo i am not sure yet but i will keep in touch!!!!

Then I am sorry, I will not be able to help you cos I am not Cairo or New Cairo resident. Cairo is over populated and I tend to suffocate going to, or when in Cairo - Good Luck for your search!

Thank you for your help!!

Your welcome! But, I did not even help you, I was just suggesting. I am just that kind of person who would go out of his way to help or support a person who asks in a strange and unknown land or a country. It is an urge I have from my Allah. Thanks for your appreciation for not even helping you.
I assume you will be teaching in New Cairo.

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