Do hotels/apartments accept orfi or must it be full marriage?

Will an orfi marriage contract will be accepted when hotels and apartment rentals say that marriage certificates must be produced?

There are a lot of posts saying orfi is not a legal document and you don't have to worry about repercussions if you have been badly treated by an Egyptian man, but is there is any reason NOT to do it?

Yes, maybe it is a shagging licence but another way to look at it is that it gives you the same rights to get to know each other as Europeans.

But it is hard to understand how a document that has been done in the presence of a lawyer and officially stamped, with two witnesses cannot be recognised in law. One loophole that I haven't seen addressed in this forum is that it only needs one of you to go to court and have it recognised. What would this mean?

I understand you can even get a copy of the orfi contract online or in shops and just sign it yourselves without a lawyer. Would this be accepted by hotels and apartment rentals or does it need a stamp from a laywer?

Hit and miss.. in Cairo I guess you might get some rejection but not everywhere, whereas in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh for example most probably no one will ask.

BUT, a couple of my friends married to foreign ladies arranged their marriage paperwork as Orfi for starters, as the regular marriage paperwork would take ages. And things went on fine for both.

About it being a license to shag as you put it, well, it might be used that way if you want to.. but the way things should be is that it is indeed a perfectly normal form of marriage.. yours is even fully announced, stamped and legally recognized (which is not a must, as you were told earlier, but that's more common in the license to shag area as you put it), so you shouldn't worry about a thing. I hope I answered your question.