Best of both Worlds

Hi I arrived in 1991 in Singapore and have seen the City being developed into World Class. Although some old places have been removed there is still a nice balance between old & new and the development with a complete integrated architecture is remarkable. There is now also so much to do for anyones likings. To escape the hectic City life I spend much time in Batam, just a 45 minutes ferry ride from Harbour Front, and retire in my own hideaway The Tempats. A nearby Spa and Golf Course are contributing to a relaxed break when needed. I hope you will enjoy your life in the tropics as much as I do.

Hey, it's rare to find a foreigner who lived in Singapore longer than I did (12 years, although not in a continuous stretch, between 1993 and 2011)!
And yes, it's a great place for young adults to live and work. But as you found, retirees are better off elsewhere - and we also decided to move to Europe to raise our children in a more conducive environment.
I lived in Batam, too, in 1999 - 2001, during the Asian economic crisis, race riots, removal of Suharto and first democratic elections. Those were exciting times! But I remember the island more for overcrowded industrial wasteland with plenty of dysfunctionality, rather than tranquil luxuriousness (which, honestly, I never seeked).
I sold my house in Batam after a few years, but still have friends there.

Hi Beppi, I agree with you that a big part of Batam, as in many other parts in the world, has been destroyed by the industrialisation. However there are still nice quiet spots to be found as in Nongsa or at the other side at overlooking the Golf Course and the South China Sea where I stay. We hope that governments getting their act together in protecting that part of the Earth which is still intact.

I never liked Nongsa - too far removed from the real world!
I stayed inbetween Batam Centre and Nagoya, surrounded only by locals.

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