Dependant visa for 8mo baby travelling to Brazil


Any help would be greatly appreciated please.

My cousin (Australian citizen) is travelling to Brazil with her partner (Brazilian citizen with spousal visa to stay in Australia). They have an 8mo baby girl. Baby has an Australian passport but the Brazilian partner has applied to the Brazilian embassy for the baby to have dependant status, and I'm not sure what that means.
Does that mean baby would be a dual citizen? Or does it just affect the visa in terms of cost? My concern is my cousin can only stay in Brazil for 90 days under the visa she has, what if he decides to stay in Brazil and keep the baby there?
Any guidance of who to ask or what to read would be a huge help as I'm not sure where to start :)

He will have to register the child as a Brazilian child in order to get a Brazilian passport which would give the child dual citizenship. Your name can be put on the Birth registry in Brazil. I'm sure it is on the original Birth Certificate and he will not be able to proceed without you. You might be able to get permanency in Brazil if this happens.

Go to this website for information  and search


I'm mostly wanting information on the visa terms for bubba not anything more. Thanks :)

Thank you very much!

I don't know what you mean by Bubba. But what I told you is accurate as far as your cousin's boyfriend taking the baby from her. He cannot do it without her.


Bubba means baby :)
Apparently he applied for a Brazilian passport for the baby. So the baby has a Brazilian passport and she has an Australian passport with a visa for 90 days.

If the baby has a Brazilian passport then the mother can get permanency. There is no way for the baby to get the passport without the Mother being a part of the process. Since the baby has the passport then the baby is a Brazilian citizen which is a means for the Mother to get a permanent visa for Brazil. As I stated before he cannot legally do it without the Mother.


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