Looking to pay for guest housing

Hello. I wish to pay for accommodation as a house mate in Nairobi. I am from Botswana. I am looking to have my own bedroom and we can share the rest of the house. I work for a company in the UK online so i can do our chores and know how to cook. :D 

My budget is $100 to $150.  I would like to have a fun house mate who loves a good time as i know Nairobi.  I also prefer one without kids. I love dogs btw.  :D . I am extremely clean so do not be messy lol. But i can clean up

If you're interested in having me just reply to this. I'll give you my number so we can chat meanwhile as i will move in mid-October

Hey. I read your intro. I'm in the states looking to the Nairobi, or Mombasa area, because of my girlfriend. I saw your budget. Thats affordable I think. I would be new to the area. I would also need steady employment. I have a degree in finance and hold a passport. Thanks.


Hey Cary. You can try the NGO's.  Also if you will be relocating, you'd rather live in Nairobi first before going to Mombasa. I don't know anything about finance but i don't think finding a job is hard when you have verifiable credentials. Kenya is great. :cool:  :top:

Thank you Javier. I'm very flexible. Kind of going out on a limb here.


Hi Javier ,

I have just seen your post my name is Ann..
Did you get a nice place to stay in Nairobi.
I could do with a fun roommate I have  vacant room


Ive just seen your post.  Did you find a suitable room for USD. 100-150? If you are still looking for an apartment; please look at the link below and if you are interested please email me using this forum. PS:  Ive visited Phakalane once...

https://www.expat.com/en/housing/africa … lable.html[/img]



Hey, did you already find a place? I am looking to accommodate someone and $150 is agreeable. You would have your own room and bathroom and it's close to the CBD.


Please place a free advertisement in the housing section at the top of this page.
For security reasons please do not post any personal contact details on the open forum, especially for females.Use the pm system for this

Hi. Yes, I found a place. Thank you for responding to my inquiry and all the best in finding a good house-mate.

Oh my...thank you for pointing that out!
I will.

Good Afternoon Mercelicious,

I'm looking for shared accommodation in Nairobi, Please get in touch if your space is still available we discuss this further.



Please check the housing section at the top of this page for accommodation offers. You can also place a free advertisement there too.

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