Police clearance from france

I stayed in Paris from 2010 to 2012 for my work. Basically am from India. Now I need to get police clearance certificate from France for my immigration to Australia.

Could someone pls help me with the online link to get the PCC from France.

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If you were born outside of France, you should apply in writing, by post or email, to the Casier Judiciaire National. The Casier Judiciaire National website (available in French only) details all of the information and documents you need to supply with your application.

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Hi Team,

Thanks for the reply. I have submitted through online and got the below reply email.

Reply email: "The National Criminal register acknowledges receipt of your certificate n°3 application.

If your application is admissible, the certificate will exclusively be sent to you by postal service within two weeks.

Plus d'informations sur www.cjn.justice.fr"

I did one small mistake while typing my father's name in the Father name column. Can i reply to that email to correct my father name or should i resubmit the new request.



May I know the list of documents that need to be submitted for obtaining the police clearance certificate from France?


Today, I applied for French Police Clearance online. I wanted to know did you get your police clearance from France? How much time did it take to get it?
Is there any way to get it fast?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hey ,
I got the same response, but didn't get the certificate after 18 days. When did you get it. Is there a way to track the status of the application??

Did you get the french pcc in 2 weeks?

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