Getting Married While Waiting For Fiancé Visa (I Am in Norway)

Hi, Everybody...

I am originally Indonesian citizen but I am an Italian permanent resident. My Fiancé and I submitted the application for Fiancé Visa in the end of February this year. Being an EU permanent resident and having the qualification as skilled worker, UDI said that I could stay in Norway while waiting for my visa to be processed, which was what I did.

The website mentioned that the waiting time was 4 months, but so far we've been only receiving e-mails from UDI telling us that our application is still waiting to be processed. To cut the story short, we are fed up with all this uncertain amount of waiting time and decided that we would just get married.

We will call UDI tomorrow to ask for more informations, but I would also love to hear from anyone who has been in the same boat as I am. LOL! Thank you so much!

Hi AutumnRevoir, I have been reading errr a lot here in the forum and so far the waiting game really varies from one case to another. I am also in almost in the same boat (family reunification though) in this waiting process. Have you checked the udi application portal for the status there?

Norway nothings works July and the backlogs pile up. Nothing much to do but be patient.

Yes because it's summer vacation and they are naturally slow lol 😂

Hi. My situation is similar to yours. My fiance and I submitted our application to the UDI in January it took longer than 4 months but leading up to their decision I would receive a generic response monthly on the date we submitted the application to say the application is being processed. My wedding is scheduled for August 26 but the tax office won't accept my no-impediment certificate from my country which indicates that I'm single after they had it for 2 weeks even though the UDI accepted it. The government offices seem to be on go slow during the summer or so I've been told.

Frustrated 😩

Is it possible to get married with my tourist visa?

Yes, as long as you submit all the necessary documents to prove that both parties are eligible to marry.  There are lots of foreigners who travel to norway and then decided to get married in Norway.

You can google UDI for the document required to get a marriage approval and then book appointment with Tinghus (court) for marriage registrationn or church for wedding.

Hi everyone!
                          I thought it would  be wise to ask this here on behalf of my friend.  He is currently a student in Norway and has got a baby with a Norwegian mother. He has access to the child  and has been making some financial contribution for the child upbringing though an irregular amount. The child lives with the mama and spend some few days with the guy. Can he apply for family immigration with the child  though not married with the mother and does not live with the child? Pls kindly share with me your experience or knowledge about this.  Also are they any fixed amount to pay as child support in Norway. What 're the way the calculate it ?



Good day! I just wanna ask . Did you get married while waiting for the Fiance Permit approve? We almost have the same situation . My Visa is about to expire but my Fiance application is still on going. Is it possible to get married while waiting for the Fiance Permit? Thank you. Hope I can hear from you soon as you read this.

Hei nwright 
Good day! How was it ? Did you get married with that exact date that you mentioned above? Thank you. Hope I can hear from you soon as you read this?

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