Moving to Latvia in April

Hi everyone,
I'm from Italy and I'll be traveling to Latvia in about 30 days and will be living/working there until the end of June.

My biggest problem at the moment is about clothes and shoes to carry with me: how cold will it be exactly? Ive been told it's not going to be actually freezing cold in springtime. Can anybody confirm that?

Any advice will be really appreciated :D

Welcome on randomblinkinglight :)

Normally the temperature ranges between 1-12 degrees during these specific months (April-July)! So, it is recommended to bring some heavy clothes!


This is a good web-site to look at ..

You can input any Town etc. and search for general weather.

April ... you can still have that last call of winter ... but then it quickly turns to spring with reasonable day temps about 5 - 10C ... but odd nights can drop to 0 or 1C
May things are now starting to get into stride for summer ... temps quickly rising especially the nights.
June and July .... not unusual to get day temps in high 20's C ... with nights anyway from 10 - 20C ... humidity can be a high value ....

The thing about Baltic is the two extremes ... winter cold at -20C ... and summer at +20 and higher. the change period is short ... Spring / Autumn.

When you have time try and get out of Riga, visit real Latvia ... quiet ... clean ... peaceful.