Moving to Riga in September

Hi guys,

I've just accepted a teaching job in Riga, and will be moving there in September. Any advice for a newbie? A friend and I will be there for a weekend at the beginning of June, too. Any bar/club/restaurant recommendations?

Vicky x

As the weather has been fantastic over the weekend, I have to recommend all of the downtown patios.

That's great, thank you!

I guess that really the options depend on your taste.  I would skip the sushi joints, as they seemed to be just a passing fad (and I haven't had great sushi in the city.)  There are lots of great restaurants, in different price ranges, and great kebabs.

Some of the highlights:
- great roof-top terrace restaurants with a view at the uptown Galerijas mall (not to be confused with the Galerijas centrs downtown mall.) ;
- expensive, but fantastic Indian food at the restaurant right beside St. Peters Basilica ;
- Auksta Zupa (Cold Soup) pretty much anywhere go. It's a cheap local leftover style soup, usually a beet & kefirs base.
- The Tea house across the Canal from the Opera house offers a wide range of teas, and you can sit on there upstairs balcony on cushions (although there are sometimes too many teens making out.)
- 2 words: 1. Šašliks 2. Alus  (Shish kebab and beer) You may now make all sorts of food appreciation noises;
- Sit at the 'No Problems' terrace in the Domas Laukams (Domas Square), drink medusalus (honey beer) and listen to jazz live music.
- Go to 'grannies gems', a downtown local bar, with good DJs, less tourists, and a friendly vibe (and pitchers of mojitos)
- Drink Valmieramuiza beer anywhere you can find it.

Other options:
- There's a raw food restaurant on Skolas and Elizabetes;
- ice cream on the beach;
- some of the tour boats server dinner;
- new night club every night of the week.
Things to avoid:
- the places that the loud British Rude-boys are going to.

Thank you so much for your advice Jaxxed!

It was pretty hard to avoid the boozed-up British lads, unfortunately, but I did my best!

I was really impressed with a restaurant called Ala - have you been there?

Hellooo Sticky Vicky,

How are you? Hope your everything is fine.

I want to come in Latvia with job but i am not expert,i have to
arrange unskilled job,May be unskilled job  arrange will so difficult.I have tried for job over internet but here is not so clear.I had complicate MBA and my job's experience are five years.
I think this experience could not be match at the skilled level in Latvia's job market.

pls give me your suggestion, It will be very much helpful for me.



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Hello Russell -> Why don't you start a new thread on the Latvia forum with your questions on jobs? This will allow better interaction. ;)

Thank you,

well here's wishing you all the best for your future.
Latvia is a wonderful place to which I hope to be living as soon as possible. I couldn't really suggest any bars etc as I tend to stay away and in many cases I have found that the Brits have somewhat of a reputation. Thanks to the idiots we boast here.
I found myself on many occasions being asked why the English like to soil the great liberty statue amongst other things. Luckily the people I know there understood that I was certainly not like this, still had to try and answer the questions though.
Open yourself up to the wonderful culture buddy and all will fall into place. I found the people, not just family members to be great with soooo much character.
I would move there yesterday if I could find a job.

anyhow, Im smiling for you as what a life your about to have out there x

Hello Sticky Vicky,

Have you moved there already ? please i would need help from you guys . I will be there in September for school at Riga Technical UNIVERSITY . I WILL NEED someone to grant me an accommodation for the first 2 months before i get my own apartment. my email :  and  facebook: Peter Lartey
thank you all and God Bless

Hi Sticky Vicky. Think I could show You some interesting places in Riga if You will tale something about Your country and culture. If like please e-mail me to

@Peter Lartey Yao > you could post an advert in the housing in Latvia section. It might help you for your accommodation search.


@Arturs > It would be great if you could share some useful informations about Latvia on the forum.

Thank you,
Christine team

Hello Christine ,
Thank you very much i appreciate .

I am moving arround Decembre to there as well so i will see how your moving goes so i can learn from it :) keep us posted.

"Šašliks" haha - AKA "meat on a stick"