Hi all... I am wanting to move to Riga asap, can you help?

I am Currently living in the UK (born in the UK). I have a wonderful partner who I met here in the UK, she is Latvian and from Riga. We have our baby arriving in two weeks and it is both our wish/dream to to relocate to Riga so that she may return to her family and so that I can once again experience the delights of Latvia. I have found Latvia and its people absolutely wonderful, leaving there is always an upset. Each time I have found my visits to be almost like a home coming. I am very slowly trying to learn the language here in the UK but have found it hard going. Only when I am in Latvia do I find it easier as I am comfortable attempting to use the language in my daily routines. I have joined the site in the hope of meeting anyone who maybe able to offer advice, support or links to us in order to speed up the process of moving to this wonderful country.
Anyone who can point me in the direction of a company who would employ a Brit would be a welcomed contact.

thank you

I would recommend that you start by looking at teaching English in Rīga.  It's a good place to start, with a modest salary, that is generally in need.

There is a company with a job posting in the jobs section of this site:
https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/europe/la … uctor.html

For the rest, you can research the rest of the posts on this site. 

You will need a residence permit to move here from the UK, which you can get with a job invite/offer, or an invite from your future family.  Look here:

Hi! These guys are always hiring - evolutiongaming.com/en/contact_us/ - they pay really well and have a lot of Brits working there. Linda.

well, I have only just seen your reply, I apologise for not getting in touch sooner to thank you.
Will have a look at the link right now,

thank again buddy.

Loved your observations.

Saying good morning to a perfect stranger as you walk past them on a beautiful day is a "no, no" too.

So is holding a door open so another may pass through, they don't get that at all.

My Latvian partner found my frustration amusing.

The place is crazy, especially when you venture out of Riga and visit the lands time really did forget.

I had the opportunity to visit "Towns" way out in history which at best consisted of a block of homes, a shop and a prison. A hard way of life some of these people have.
Even in Riga it is often hard. The need for a lifestyle change I welcome. The preparing for winter my in-laws do has a romantic feel to it, smiling, I want that so bad.

I hope your enjoying your life out there x

Believe me, after 6 months of winter, when you're still up to your arse in snow, the romanticism wears off! The whole country does look like a postcard though ;)It does take some getting used to, living here. The serious faces can be a real downer. And they think we (Irish, Brits, Americans...) are smiling fools ;)Agree with you about the 'towns' - some wouldn't even be considered a village in other countries! Best of luck with the job search - let me know if you want any more info!