Moving to Riga in August 2012

I am moving to Riga shortly and thought I would introduce myself and say hi.

Hi casinoscum,

Welcome to!

Can you please tell us more about you?

Thank you,

Will you be working there,or studying?

Oi oi paddy,
Going to be working out there for a while.  Have you been to Latvia before?

Sorry if I sound a bit sketchy , just waiting for final confirmation .  Hope to be a bit more forthright then.

Yes,I spent some time there  last october.Im going to spend a few months there this winter.My significant other has a house near Jurmala,so we will stay there.

Well it's a small world , I will probably owe you a drink for picking your brain over the next couple of weeks so no doubt we might bump into each other.

If you lads would care to share a beer with a Canadian upon arrival, then please send me an invite.

@ casinoscum and @ jaxxed...thanx guys,ile be in touch next time im in Latvia.......

Will be arriving in Riga in sept..........


Me too. How are you finding it so far? i arrived just 2 weeks ago!