Visting Latvia

Hello everyone! I am planning to visit Latvia for a long period of time and i am wondering if someone can help with accomodation.
I visited Latvia and it was a very nice city and i am looking forward to go again!

It is of course difficult when you move to another country for something more than holidays and i am looking for some more information about general things concerning moving there.

Besides accomodation is the language problem wich i startet learning it online.

i know i am not very specific but anything right now will help! looking forward talking with you guys:)

As luck would have it, there are two people on the site who also lived in Cyprus.  I myself lived in Limassol for about 5 years as a youth.

On this site there are more english speakers than Latvian speakers (but there are a few natives here.)  You'll probably not get too much help with the language, but the rest of us are friendly enough.
If you want to chat, or visit (Rīga), feel free to message me.