Looking for to rent a room in Istanbul

Looking for to rent a room in Istanbul with cheap price!! is it possible to find rent ?? where ??
Any Help please appreciate. 

Thank you

Check out the accommodation offers in the housing section at the top of this page.


You may try either www.sahibinden.com or www.hurriyetemlak.com which are both well known webpages,

It is possible to narrow your searches based on your needs such as location, price, furnished etc,

Good luck with that!

Hi Kovacek.
A real estate agent published the advertisments.
I published this advertisments.


Hope you doing good , if you still need a room for rent maybe I can help you.

Hey what's up,I hope you are doing well, I'm offering a room in my house,you are welcome to come and stay.cheap price, perfect location...

@ mrvan > I also advise you to drop your accommodation offer in the room for rent in Istanbul section as well.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Not quite sure if i understood what you meant here, can you be more specific with what you want or need? Thanks

I have done that,, thanks so much

Can u give me the details i am looking for a room regards

Are you willing to share studio flat.15 min from taksim area

Im looking for it if you can help me out

Can i have your contact number im looking for the sharing room

Help, What about


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well it doesn't really work if you don't speak Turkish or have no help from natives. Prices on international websites are total ripoff

HI, is it available?

Hi Salam zineb I'm abbas from India I'm coming Istanbul I'm looking studio flat in Istanbul thank u


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Hello everyone,

Please note that if you are either looking for or proposing accommodation, you need to refer to the Housing in Istanbul section by posting an advert. The forum section is not suitable for this search.

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