Moving to swiss

Hi i would like to relocate in switzerland from uk.How can i find a job as a painter/decorator for my husband.Any websites please.thanks

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Please read the related articles of the Work in Switzerland section of the Expat Guide, you will get some useful information.

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@lenko georgiev are you guys already in Switzerland? If so I'm which city?

Not yet but this coming october 5 ill be in poland and if i have a chance to visit switzerland then ill visit .. or anyone can help me to find a jon in switzerland

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@josephineestre12 thanks for your message.

As mentioned Bhavna, you can go on this page: Work in Switzerland

Also you can find some jobs offers at this page: Jobs in Switzerland

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@Bhavna hi have a good day what agency would you like to offer for us we plan to look for a job currently working here in hungary.

@lenko georgiev okay

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@ Pacienciaisagani6,

Try to contact the agencies recommended in the Recruitment Agencies in Switzerland section of the business directory.