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I am from Australia! I am considering moving to Malta to work as an English teacher. It seems to be an incredibly complicated process... but I might be wrong.
I have learnt that it can take months to receive an employment license. To get an employment license, I already need to be employed... right? Although, to be employed as an English teacher, I need to already have a teaching permit, which I can only get in Malta as I will need to sit a test. This means I will have to move to Malta with no job, get the teaching permit, and wait around for two months with nothing to do, when I may not even get the license to work.

If I could apply from home and wait a few months, well that's fine. The problem is I need the teaching permit to get a job in the first place.

Is this a difficult situation, or have I gone over it so many times that I can't see a way around it? Can any TCN, who has worked as an English teacher in Malta, tell me about the process you went through?

Thank you very much!

Hi, I'm not a TCN, but I'm an English (EFL) teacher in Malta.

First things first: I wouldn't worry too much about the teaching permit, you can get that once you're here, and I know of several EFL teachers in Malta who got a job first, and got their permit later... (I know of some TCNs who only taught during the busy summer months and no-one ever asked about their permit (which they didn't have), but I wouldn't recommend doing that...)

However, applying for any job in Malta without actually being there is difficult - you do sometimes get the feeling that the internet, with e-mail and everything, hasn't quite arrived there ;)
I got my job by simply walking into the school and asking to speak to the DOS. Also, schools like to be able to plan ahead (understandibly), so they're less likely to give a job to somebody who might not even show up in the end...

You say you'd have to "sit a test"... Which test are you referring to? Do you already have any qualifications as an EFL teacher? I suppose you have checked the ELT Council website?

How long are you planning to come to Malta for? Just temporarily or for longer? If for longer, be warned that the EFL industry in Malta can be a bit tricky...
There are plenty of jobs in the summer, but after that you might only get a few hours of teaching every week (e.g. 3 hours a day). Contracts tend to be temporary contracts, meaning if the school doesn't need you any longer, you'll have to find a new job. Only very few teachers I know have a permanent contract.
The pay is ok, but not really great... and depends on your qualifications (mostly, on whether you have a CELTA or not). I have a CELTA and get 11 Euros / hour. Note that teachers are usually paid only for contact hours, no breaks, no preparation, no teacher meetings, etc... So, if your students have class from, say, 9.00-10.30, 11.00-12.30 and 1.30-3.00, that would be sold as "6 hours" to the students, you're at the school for 6 hours (if you're lucky and don't need to prepare, correct, discuss anything with the DOS, etc...), but you get paid for just 4.5 hours, which in my case would roughly be 250 Euro/week. But the problem is you can't rely on that income, there may be weeks when the school only has 1.5 hours of private lessons (same pay as for groups) for you, so that's only about 80 Euros in one week... been there, done that :(

I'm certainly not trying to put you off, but I'd strongly advise you to think twice before making a decision. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask - you can send me a pm, too, if you like.


Hi Bernie,

Thanks for responding. I have a TESOL qualification, one that's equivalent to CELTA. Although I think it has to be approved first by the council.
I have been told that it is a (new) requirement to sit the SEPTT test, which is a speaking proficiency test.
The jobs I have seen advertised say that you must already have a valid teaching permit... but they must understand that it's very risky to travel to Malta to get a teaching permit, without a job first. I live in Australia so it's a very long and expensive flight compared to living in Europe.
Do you think it is possible to be hired from Australia? Also, the guidelines of the employment license say that you cannot have a second job, even if it's part time. Are the rules so strict that people stick by them? Or do people have multiple jobs anyway?

Sorry for so many questions!

Thank you,

@bobby2014 hey did you manage?I am going through all that and I'm wondering if you managed.If you get this message please reply me at ***.thank you in advance

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@bobby2014 hey did you manage?I am going through all that and I'm wondering if you managed.If you get this message please reply me at ***.thank you in advance

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@bobby2014 hey did you manage?I am going through all that and I'm wondering if you managed.If you get this message please reply me at ***.thank you in advance

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