Im new here, n looking for a good friend/community

Hi, Im Bilel from Tunisia. Im in hongkong now, n just new came here. Would be glad to know if anyone here come from same country or nearby origin country like Morroco, Libya, Egypt or Algeria. I would like to meet you guys, Very welcome for any of you to contact me. Thank you.

i need to findsome information about life in hong kong for arabs.

Hi @happyland1
Hong Kong is a very multi-cultural place. Life here is easy for everybody, no different for arabs than for any other community.

If you are a person of faith, there are large Muslim , Christian and Jewish communities, no problem with finding appropriate food and a number churches, temples and two mosques.

Thanks for detailed reply, out of curiosity are you Algerian  :)

Hello Mr. Bilal, if anyone from algeria can assist me to find a friend of mine, who I lost contact.

Anyone from algeria please reply.


I am from Morocco Tunsian a lot but all Arab is nothing to benefits from them .
Go to cheunking mension or k11 in tsim sha shui a lot there

Hihi..this is Celia from Hong Kong, my boyfriend is a Moroccan who is from Marrakech, are you living in Hong Kong with your family now?
Can I ask how did you get the working visa?

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