How to make friends in Hong Kong

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Hong Kong :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Hong Kong?

Thanks in advance for your participation

We run a social group called Sassy Hong Kong, which is for girls living in HK to meet, make new friends and share new experiences. We're all about fun, girly events you can enjoy!

You can sign up for our mailing list on our website:, or read all about what we get up to on


The Hong Kong expat network can also help ;)

hello gays
i am from sri lanka. i like to travel to hongkong. any one help me,

I can help you.  Tip number 1: say "Hello, guys" not "hello gays".  Especially in Hong Kong.  If that's why you're into, you have to be very discreet here.

I'll be coming to HKG on 15th March for a period of about one week. I need to make some friends, preferably natives so I could better enjoy my stay safely. Anybody willing to help me???

I'm not sure you'll meet many natives of Hong Kong in the Hong Kong section of an expat site.

I found joining various sports teams from dodgeball (yeah you read right) to rugby. In both cases they became close like family away from home.

Try, they have various events from hiking, movies nights, language exchange to dance and clubbing,

I agree that is a good resource.  I know quite a few people that use it.   Hong Kong is an expat society and there are so many organisations for people to join!  I belong to the Australian Association, the American Women's Association, and the Friends of the University of Art.  I have found people to be very friendly here, and there is always something happening that you can join in.

Local comes! Anything I can help?

i can help too.

There was a slight change in plans. I will be coming most probably towards Mid May. anybody willing to help me?

You may go to some local forum n i think there are many people willing to make a fd from other country:P

i would love to have friends who living in HONGKONG, i am in Jakarta currently, and would love to fly to HKG this year..

When are you coming to Hong Kong?

Hi all! I would love to meet just about anyone in HK for anything from sightseeing to drinks. I will be in HK for awhile and am totally new here. Help!

i wold like to make friends. you can write me on ranjith_gu[at]

Hello upulranjith -> Maybe you can tell us more about yourself. :)

Thank you,

Hey everyone.

I've been living in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks now and I've just landed a job as a teacher. As such I shall be here for some considerable time. However, I don't know anyone.

I would love to meet new people, especially people from abroad working here in Hong Kong.

Many thanks


The best tip is to find an international church. People there are really friendly and you will feel included right away. You can meet a lot of locals who used to studied in international schools and foreigners working in Hong Kong.

"hello gays"
that's a classic

If you need to be around other foreigners, go to central and walk south.  The streets are crawling with expats.

It depends what kind of people you like to meet. You can post in one of the forums over in or If you have kids, isn't too bad (I made some great mummy friends there of kids similar age to my own when I first arrived through them).
There are also societies like the "New Zealand Society of Hong Kong", the "Australian Association of Hong Kong", the "American Club" ... you can generally find groups for many nationalities who meet up for dinners or drinks. You can join a charity group and meet people with similar humanitarian interests. Or simply go to one of the many pubs and clubs around SoHo and hang out. You never know who you might end up talking to.
I agree it isn't easy making friends here, but if you persevere you will eventually develop a network of people, some of whom I am sure you'll call friends.

I've always found it very easy to make friends in Hong Kong.  I think what helps is not limiting yourself to people from your own country.

Hi ,it is my first time to travel to Hong Kong,i will stay for around 5days.
I am going to stay in day and night hostel,any one could tell me what is the cheapest transportation  that I could take it from the airport to the hotel and also what I should do as an activity after 6pm?

Hi Walaa,
By the time you read this, You'd probably have come and left Hong Kong.
Let me know if you still need any help or advice as to how to make the best of your stay.

Do you accept guys to your club? I just arrived in HK and will be working here for at least a yr (if they dont extend).

Currently staying in Tung Chung and its a lonely place...

Would need a friend desperately or a drinking soulmate...

sounds great

Hi Cindy am good thanks for Asking ? Would be nice to know you ¡¡¡¡ will you introduce me your self please .¿¿¿

Hello cindy413                                                            I am glad to receive such as nice words from you ....i always I appreciate your interaction with my subject and I tried to send you message in your inbox but I could not do that I can read a message you sent me and I already wanted to replay back but I could not. Will you let me know how I can contact you .         Best regards


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Cindy I sent email adress I hope you can get it soon and contact me if possible.

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cindy413 :

Hello Sal Khattab, nice to meet you.  I'm Cindy from Hong Kong. :)

Hope can contact by email.

~Have a good day and life!~

Hi, I'm thinking of moving to HK soon, send me a PM with your email.

Hi all,

I believe, honestly, we local (Hongkongese) are welcome you to our place!  You can see there are numerous restaurants from different countries in Hong Kong - thanks all to benefit us!

However, we are just "slow-to-warm-up" but we are actually friendly to all of you!

I am 100% sure, if you take the initial to speak one or two Cantonse like "lei ho" or "jo san" to will see how "crazy" we react to you - incredible!


The best bet would be to join some workshops and interest groups: to meet people organically, rather than online

hi winiwiski! :)
We can be friends. I am planning to move to Hong Kong soon.

i hv tried meetup, it seems Hong Kong people dun use meetup that much, then i joined some Facebook groups

hello! anyone still active here? i'll be staying in kowloon for a month and i need some friends who can help me adjust in the city. please PM me :)

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