Urgent! Mattress topper / pad

Anyone knows of a place in Rat Burana or Bangkok where I can buy either simple fabric mattress topper, or memory foam topper, or latex mattress topper?

Urgent! need to be able to sleep!

Thanks in advance.

Any major department store.  Bedding is usually on the upper floors.

Thanks, I visited Big C Rat Burana, but the choice in store is different than their offer online. I'll pay a visit to Central Plaza Bangkok Noi.

They DO like their beds hard in Thailand, don't they?
There's an IKEA in BKK, maybe they have something.

Thanks, I'll look it up.
As for Thailand, I used to live in Taiwan, same punishment there!

The need even gave me an idea to produce light cotton-stuffed bags (futons) as mattress toppers. Should sell as hot buns.

Many rural Thais have grown up with little or no furniture, sleeping on simple  reed mats or kapok stuffed mats.  More modern low-end bedding tends to be low-grade foam which doesn't last long, latex or a combination bed with a two to three inch layer of nearly indestructible coconut husk on the top. 

In my opinion, hard beds are more a reflection of economics than Thainess.  Cheaper accommodation tends to start off with a low investment cost.  That means cheap beds and furniture.  Nicer apartments or hotels often have very nice beds and linens.  The holy grail of super cheap and high quality has yet to be found.

I lived similar conditions while in Taiwan 25 years ago, at the difference that people slept on mats or hard mattresses even in cities. Maybe nostalgia of past habits...
I started my IT career with Dunlop Tyres. They also manufactured mattresses. This was the best quality of latex you can find and so-called memory foam is Alzheimer, doesn't remeber much.
My experience with futons is they wear out after a few years but I had five of them successively, and was sleeping like a baby.

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Has anybody tryed a double airbed .you can blow them up to your requirements.hard or soft .might be a idea

Old thread this but if anyone is looking for mattress toppers there are 2 places that sell them cheap. Sometimes inside the mall at Tesco Lotus Rama 4 but a better bet:- just last week we were buying some building materials in Thaiwatsadu Bang Na and the lady who seems to have a permanent pitch outside near the front door was there again. We go regular and she or a guy who works with her seem to always be there

You can visit this facebook page


Order any mattress cover cheaper than any shop in bangkok.
This guy i know him personally.