Largest shoe size in Bangkok? - womens


I have been living in Asia for over four years and just recently moved to Bangkok. Could anybody tell me what is the largest women's size shoe they have found here? Has it been difficult for any woman here to find shoes in Thailand? Are there a lot of women out here that have larger size feet than thai women? I have never found any shoes in my size in Asia period. I wear size 11US and am 5 ft. 10 in. tall. I'm pretty comfortable with my feet but I do get fustrated when I can't find shoes to wear here.

Would love to hear what other women think (or men):) thx

Ok try on some men shoes in pink? JW

Thank you for the uplifting comment. I think Singapore is rubbing off on you.

The largest size that I ever met is 9US , it's quite hard to find the larger

My gf is 1,95cm tall (6.3 feet) and she hasn't been able to find any shoe her size. Unless you get them hand made which obviously are way more expensive. Although for me ( im 1,98 cm tall - 6,4feet) can find any shoes. Though flip flops all the way. :)

Have you tried ground floor or 6th floor MBK?

No I haven't tried mbk. You think they might have some?