Where to find cinema posters in BKK?

I was wondering if someone know where I could find cinema posters like the one which are hanging in the hall of Apex. I know they're huge but it would perfectly fit my apartment's wall (^_^)
Do someone know if there's any shop in Bangkok selling this kind of stuff?
I found one poster shop hidden in Chatuchak market buy it's mostly english versions and I would be more interested Thai one even for Farang films.


Hey. I'm Lieu. and you can find huge posters at Soi Rama 2. it behind bus's station. or you can talk to him at bobbangkok@yahoo.com I  buyed  from there. try to check. friend.

Thank you very much Lieu!!!

Ah, nice info! been looking for a poster shop for a long while.

Hello Treedboy,
I've been looking for "Soi Rama 2" on google map but the only result seems to be very far near the airport. I don't think it's the place, is it?

Hi Mat,

Hope my post it is not too late.

There is one shop which is near by Lido Cinema,
Siam Square Soi 2. Just check it out.