Looking to start a band in Stavanger

I will be moving to Stavanger in August and I would like to start a band. I currently live in England and I have a band who help me play my music live. You can hear some rough demos on soundcloud.com/prophetbird.
I play guitar and piano and sing  in the band but I would like to stick to singing and guitar playing so ideally I am looking for 2 violinists, a cellist, a second guitarist, a bassist and a keys player.
Please get it touch if you are interested!
Thank you,

Hi Bentag and welcome to expat.com. :)

I'd request you to drop an ad in the Stavanger classifieds to increase your chances of finding musicians.

Good luck.


expat.com team

But no drummers? :)

I'd definitely be up for working with a drummer too! Do you have a soundcloud page or anything?

I think my YouTube channel would give a better idea about my work. I classified all my videos in playlists. Please check them out...

I also have a soundcloud channel, yes. I am currently uploading the latest album of our band Praksis. I played the drums, did all the recording, editing and mixing of the album. It was mastered by Geoff Pesche, at Abbey Road Studios, London. 

The site hides the links. Hope this works...

youtube . com / user / stickmasterrr

Hey Man,

I talked to a guy from Scotland on Facebook who is doing Music Production here at Stavanger. I think he wanted to start something.

I'd love to jam with you guys on electric if possible, but I have no guitar as of now. A bike and record player were the first priorities!


Hey Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch! That sounds great. Did you get a chance to listen to the stuff on my SoundCloud? It'd be great if we could get some strings players together and a bassist to work in the studio with the guy from Scotland and to play some live shows if you're up for it?
Are you in Stavanger at the moment?


Hey! I'm doing the music production programme at UiS as well! I arrived a week ago. I'll be getting an electronic drumkit to practice in a week. I'll get my acoustic drums later when i arrange the space to practice... So give me a nudge if you guys need me... ;)

Hey Ben,

Yes, I did check out the music, and I sent it to Andrew (the Scotsman, or at least was living in Scotland, might be English). I liked what I heard.

I've never been in a band, but I can definitely play electric to what your music is. If you think I fit your sound, then absolutely would be in for doing live stuff. If I'd be more fitting for just jams, and you guys wanna do your own thing, that's totally cool too.

Is there a way to do private messaging here? So we can exchange Facebook info, which seems easier.

Hey man, sorry for the slow replies on this! Just been watching your videos. You have some serious skills! Would love to have a jam sometime if you're up for it?

Hey Andy, sounds great to me! I would just want some nice simple, mellow parts for the lead electric. Are you studying music here?

I'm not sure if you can send private messages actually, but my number is ***. I'm not sure if you need to out +44 at the beginning or not. I have WhatsApp and telegram.

Also, if you wanted to try playing some other styles, Serhat,  whose messages you can see above, is a really great drummer! His YouTube page is youtube . com / user / stickmasterrr


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