Looking for friends in Stavanger :)

My name is Sara, I come from Germany and live and work now in Stavanger/Madla. I am 24 years old and work in a kindergarden. I like to meet new people and hope I get some contacts here.
Hope to here from you soon.


Hi Sara,

Even I am new in Stavanger, trying to know people and meet new people here.  I am planning to go to LyseFjord sightseeing trip tomorrow. Do let me know if you care to join.


Hi, I am living in Stavanger & looking for friends ... :)

Hi Sara

I am new to the area and also looking to make friends from the Uk. I have just moved here a couple of weeks ago and looking to make some female friends, when not working which would be really nice.

Hi Sara and Miss Mac,

I am an 25 year old Aussie and have just moved here also, if anybody would like to catch up after work sometime that would be great, it would be brilliant to meet some people outside of work.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


hey, hows it going?

My names Sid I am from India, In stavanger at present, actually visiting my sister here and staying at a place in adlandmauet, so u work here or just visiting?

I am new in the city. Maybe we can meet and have a coofee.

Would be happy to get in touch with you :]

hai how are u   i am from dubai  can i get more about u


I´m new in Stavanger. Just arrived a week ago and I would love to meet new people.
I love sports, photography and traveling :)

Hei Isa,

Welcome to Stavanger... I hope you like the fab Autumn here :P
I love photography and travelling too !! though most travelling had been job related.. would love to get to know you ..
(fra india )

Hi Swati,

How are you. I live in Oslo..have been looking out for any oppurtunities in Stavanger..have you been working or studying.


Cool :)

How are you ?
i came to stavanger some couple weeks ago,i looking for new friend :)
If you want we can go out to get some drink and talking for knowing each other more 😊

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