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We are South Africans living in the UK and are considering moving to Austria.  We would like to rent for maybe 6 months or so before deciding if we will be happy there.  If anyone knows of something to rent please could you email me.

Many thanks

Welcome on Maureen :)

In which region of Austria are you thinking to relocate? May be you can also post an advert on Austria Classifieds page, Category>Accommodation.


In Austria it is really easy to find a accommodation. Do you want to rent a house or do you want to buy a house? Should it be furnished? 6 months is not really long, therefore I think you want to rent.
I was going from Germany to Madrid and was searching on a lot of websites, but I founded it here, maybe you found some on, but I have not. I just stay here for 6 months, too. I was searching for a room and not for a apartment, maybe therefore I had not found the good ones. :)

where exactly in Austria you are moving?
whereever you go the rent should be around EUR 1000.- atleast in Vienna, Innsbruck or Salzburg.

Salzburg is the most expensive city.  Do you want to live in the city?  You can find some real nice rates outside in the country areas...   I pay next to peanuts, but I live in the boonies.  If you are self employed, then you have no need to live and pay more for city life.

The problem with smaller towns though is that English is not widely spoken...guess it helps you to learn the language, except in my case where all my clients are in English speaking countries...less interaction with the locals period.

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