Looking for a ideal place in Vienna

I am planning to move in Vienna in coming months . I will be travelling with RWR card . I have few queries on the accomodations :

What would be the ideal place for getting an accommodation ? My office location would be near Renngasse and my budget is between 400 to 600 Euro . Is it possible to get 2 bedroom flats in that budget ?
Heard Vienna is expensive , is it advisable to stay little far and commute since transport connectivity is good there ?
I am hearing of some relocation services from my employer . I am finding it expensive but is that  very useful ?
My spouse would be getting RWR card plus , can she travel after I have settled everything there or is it mandatory for her to travel with me ?

Thanks in advance .

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€400 - €600 for a 2 bedroom apartment sadly will not happen, you would maybe just a get a one bedroom or studio for that price, but these go very fast as students or low paid worker snap them up quickly. You are right, Austria in my eyes has one of the best public transport systems in Europe. (1) for reliability (2) for affordable travel.

I would look to live outside Vienna, the property is cheaper, you also would be living in more of the countryside and cleaner.

Check out for property lots of private landlords.

Train website (ÖBB) HERE

Thanks for the info . Any nearby countryside which is good for residing and commuting ?

Mödling, Baden, Bad Vöslau; these places are all on the main train line into Vienna. Just south of Vienna.

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