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hi people of austria :-))

someone close to me is starting to look into purchasing some land which would be part for building/part for hobby farm or simply to hold as an investment... she is looking within the burgenland region, thats the area south of vienna and east of graz going to the hungarian border...

so my question is rather large :-))
for a non-german speaker holding an eu passport, how difficult or easy should this process be ?
the agents and finding and paying part seem standard, but how about the local authorities ?
does one have to fill out forms for the local tax authorities or does the agent do this for you ?
do they have a website for the Land Registry whereby one can locate the piece of land on the satellite map and see who it really belongs to ?  (i know that many other countries have this system)
is anyone with an eu passport allowed to buy land in austria, or must it only be austrians ?

many thanks in advance :-))

hmm.... nobody knows anything ? :-((

Hi Kolac,

Please note that your thread is new, you created it yesterday. As we are on a forum, responses are not obtained immediately, so a little more patience please ;)

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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