Best area for an aussie to rent a condo in Pattaya ?

Gday All,

I'm a 52 yr old Aussie and am looking at moving to Pattaya and was wondering if anyone could tell me if they know of a nice area to rent a condo where there are other Aussies or English people.

Thanks in advance

Hi Victa,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website : Housing in Pattaya, you may as well browse through the existing ads.

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Cheers mate. Thanks heaps.

You will find Aussie and English people stay all over town.

If you want to walk or have easy access to public transport I would stay somewhere between Beach Road and 3rd Road between North road and South road.  You can use Google maps to locate above roads.

At corner of Soi Lengkee and Pattaya 3rd road is the Boxing Roo bar which I assume is a Aussie bar, they might be of help.

If you know how to ride motorcycle then area's away from central Pattaya will be possible.

Not sure what you are looking for, but Jomtien is a nicer area, not so much in your face as Pattaya.  Hundreds of places to rent, check out Baht & Sold, hundreds on there.  If you go through an agent you'll get stung for a few extra thousand.  You can still get to Pattaya for 10 baht on the baht buses from Jomtien.  Good luck.

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