Living in Germany but working remotely for UK company - help needed!

I have just moved from England to Germany to be with my partner and my UK company has luckily agreed to me working remotely (as long as nothing impacts them!).  I have still fully employed by my UK company, earning a UK salard and paying UK taxes.  My company has agreed to give me the equivalent in cash of the monthly cost of my private BUPA insurance which they pay in the UK.

My real concerns now are:
1. Tax: I think I will end up having to pay silly German tax, although other people have told me I will continue paying in the UK.  I have heard so much conflicting information on this and it is putting my off actually registering at the Anmeldeamt or getting Krankenversicherung.  Has anyone got the same situation as me?  If so, what do you do?
2. Tax & UK money: I have money in cash ISAs etc in the UK - do I need to declare this in Germany?  Do I really have to?  As I guess I will then have to start paying tax on this.
3 Tax & Private insurance: Should I be getting a tax reduction in the UK once my employee cancels the BUPA medical insurance cover?
4. Medical Insurance: I guess I need to go with private here.  A couple of issues though... we will most likely be trying for a baby in the near future, so private insurance probably isn't the best way to go, but then again I don't think I will be able to get gesetzlich, will I?  Is it still possible to get a form from the UK national insurance to take to a medical insurance here? 

I lived in Germany for about 5 years a few years ago and didn't have any of these issues, as I was self-employed with German contracts, had no money in the UK, and back then you were still allowed to have UK medical insurance (I had BUPA) for in Germany, which is apparently no longer allowed.

I have been struggling to find anyone in the same situation who can help!
Thank you for your help!

klick: tax issues here are far too complicated for short answers on a forum. You can only get sensible, professional advice from a tax consultant dealing in international taxation and with experience of expats.

Health insurance: if youŽve been paying into the NHS the past 12 months uninterrupted, itŽs possible to get public insurance. Are you married to your partner? If yes, and sheŽs earning under 365 euros a month here, she can join you on yours free. ItŽs bureaucratic and proof of membership of the NHS is required, proof of income ( including any other sources such as renting out a property etc) and proof of registration of your address here. Whether private or public is the best way to go depends on your state(s) of health, age, of cover required , income etc. Sometimes itŽs advantageous to be private even with a depends. By the way, German health insurance is now highly tax deductible for the first time, whether public or private!

Hi John
Yes, I think you are right :)
I didnŽt realise that about NI.  I have been paying NI contributions consistently for the last 6 years and am still paying it.  I thought that public was not possible, but that is great news.  Any idea how I go about sorting that?  We are not married.  My boyfriend has private insurance, but as kids are perhaps on the cards in the next couple of years, state insurance is the maybe the best way to go...

I didnŽt realise that itŽs all tax-deductible now... thatŽs great news!

Thank you for your help!

Hi click! Sorry, I thought you were a man! Where does your boyfriend have private insurance? In Germany ? ThatŽs a crucial question. If in Germany, and if heŽs self-employed, he will have to keep it private. Your status depends on whether youŽll be working or not. Children: the higher earner pays the insurance if youŽre married. So, a child could be publicly insured on yours BUT extra payment by your partner or private - again extra. If you donŽt get married and have a child and youŽre publicly insured, the child is free in yours!!!!! Although yours wonŽt be free! Feel free to contact me - IŽm an independent insurance broker in Germany and deal with expats the whole time. ItŽs amazingly complex here and you need guidance. No fees, no costs from me. By the way, just a quick point here before I forget: there is no NHS equivalent here - NO State insurance -  public health insurance is NOT free and can actually be very expensive!

Dear John,

Not sure if you still deal with things like this -

I am in a similar situation: Not married to my partner, we have 2 kids. Moving to Germany later in the year, and he will have public insurance through his job in Cologne. I have a small income through a UK online business, which I can keep. Will I need to get myself a health insurance, or can I be on his?

Many thanks

Hi meldeg,

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