Taxation for my wife

Dear Colleagues,

I am new in this country. I am working here in germany. When my wife gets a job in here what sort of tax class is applied. is therey any site where i can get rules in english , it would be nice .

Thank You

Married couples have the choice of being in tax class 4/4 or 3/5.
Choosing 4/4 (both in class 4) results in lower deductions if both earn (nearly) the same.
If salaries differ, the higher earner should choose 3, the lower one 5 - class 5 has the highest tax deductions, but overall it still turns out better.

However, please note that this only affects the running deductions from your pay-out salary, which your company sends to the tax authority.
The actual tax bill, which is calculated after your tax declaration in the following year, is independent of it - if too much was deducted due to tax class, you will get a reimbursement, if too little, you have to pay more.
In most cases the tax declaration results in a reimbursement. It is also compulsory to prepare one. Due to the complicated rules and language, you should get a professional tax consultant, who can also explain all this in detail.

Dear Beppi,

Thanks a lot. How much does a professional tax consultant charge. is there any chance that we can these rules and regulation in English anywhere to have little understanding and finally it can be done by the tax consultant.

I also Have a question on Taxes. I will be moving back to Germany as a married spouse to a German Husband< who makes well more than enough to support my daughter and I, do I have to work? how do the taxes work for us. He doesnt want me in the social system and doesnt know anyone that is in our same situation. Thanks

Tax consultants charge governmentally fixed fees. A yearly tax declaration for a couple is in the range of €250-1000, depending on the complexity. If you have any foreign income (which you also need to declare, even if non-taxable), you will be on top of the complexity range. It is basically impossible to do it as a non-German-speaker - even most Germans can't manage themselves.

Sorry, I never looked for local tax literature in English. Check a book shop, or ask your compny HR.

AutumnRose: I don't understand your question.
You only need to work if you want to, or need the money.
Social security is for the needy, which doesn't apply to you.
Income tax is due on income. If you don't earn, you're not taxed.

Thank you. He was very confused. And i appreciate the help. You understood the question completely.