i need some help plz

hello my name is khouloud and im moroccan
i would like to immigrate to new Zealand as soon as possible but i need a job so i can apply for a visa but i didnt find much online
can u plz help me ? thank u

Hi Khldcher,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Please  feel free to have a look at the Living in New Zealand guide , it might help you in your procedures.

What kind of job are you looking for please?


Priscilla  :cheers:

hello 😄
thank u for ur information
well i dont know a specific kind of job but i think  that i want to work in an office as a personal assistant...

It would be very difficult for you to get a job as personal assistant as locals would get them.
It is not a job on the NZ skill list.
You may be able to qualify for a working holiday visa so try this website www.immigration.govt.nz for information.

Yes, you will need to have either a work visa or a permanent resident visa. If you are on a student visa, you will be allowed to work for at least 20 hours a week. A little bit tough now with the point rating system. In fact, if you want to apply for PR, first, you will need to submit an expression of interest claiming points based on factors like your age, qualification / profession, offer of employment etc.
I can tell you more details about later.

I hope this message will help you get an idea.

See you later,

Your best bet maybe is to move over here and seeking opportunity to meet with entrepreneur. If you're lucky, you might secure a job contract in your profession. Then you can apply for your work permit and you will have a better chance of getting your PR if you've a sponsorship.

What is your profession? Sorry for asking, just because if your profession is listed in the shortage category, you will have a better chance.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to send me a message or email me ***

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On peut se communiquer en francais si tu veux bien. Je suis contant de faire ta connaissance en ligne.

Bisous et a bientot.



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