Would like to migrate to New Zealand

Hi all, we would like to migrate to New Zealand and i was wondering if you could advise  on whether we should use licensed immigration agents or applying directly ourselves??  Please share your experiences Thanks :)

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I hope other members will advice you very soon.

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I would do it yourself and save yourself a fortune.  The forms are actually quite easy to complete if you take your time and work through them methodically.

Are you applying for permanent residency or just a working permit?

My son just got on a plane and came here, found a job, then applied for a work permit.

Hubby and I applied for permanence.  All the road show agents assured us it could be done in 12 weeks (to get our business).  Yeah right.  It took nearly 18months and we were both on the skills shortage list with jobs awaiting us. 

Just a word of advice.  Many applicants get turned down on their blood test results, often their liver count.  If you are on medication for cholesterol, stop it a month before the blood tests as it seriously affects the liver and causes a poor reading.  It took my hubby three blood tests before we figured it was the meds causing the problem.  His liver was fine.

Hi Colinsmum,

Thank you so much for responding.
We are thinking of either Work to Resident or Skilled visa!! I am a social worker and i think social work jobs is on the shortage list? The problem we are having is applying for jobs from this end (UK). We have had negative responds as we do not hold a valid work permit and therefore we can not apply for the jobs. Because of this, we can not apply for a visa without a job offer. The agencies are offering finding work for us in NZ as they are based there, once we have the offer we can then apply for the visa. You are right re costing a fortune, we are so frustrated and don't know what to do.

You mentioned that your son just got on the plane to NZ? did he not have problems with the immigration when he decided to apply for a visa? We are worried about just getting on the plane and then apply for a visa as they might say we we entered NZ as visitors and now applying for a work visa/permit!!

Thanks :)

He did not have a problem. He worked in mental health.  He got a job offer but was not allowed to start work until his work visa was approved. It took about 3 months in total so you would need to budget very carefully.  He did find work (on the side) during the first few months which was very naughty of him.

You will need to apply for social work registration here too.  A bit of a pain and pricey.  Some places allow you to work whilst you are applying for registration.   

How much do you know about being a social worker here?  :/

Check the current skills shortage list too as some stuff was recently removed I think.

Just to add I think SW is still on the shortage list.  My colleague came out here a year ago with her unqualified husband and two kids.  They applied on the permanence visa and were given rental accommodation for the first two weeks by her employer.  She was offered a job via tele conference.

OT was one of the allied health skills recently removed.  No idea if it will be permanent or temporary.  It is dog eat dog out here.

Hi thanks very much, i got your message too, wow what a SHOCK re SW:(

I did the same as colinsmum´s son.
I came to New Zealand on a normal turist visa, found a job (Graphic Designer)and applyed for a work visa. I got it after a month (for one year).
I have now been here 3 years an Im now on my third work visa.
Now Im applying for permanent residency.


Hi Thanks  for your message but we will be migrating with two young children and would be best for us to get job offers before we come out otherwise it will be too stressful for all of us.


Just reading all the above messages and have got a few questions. We have been trying to emigrate to New Zealand for 2 years now on a PR visa - the 1st yr was taken up with selling our house and the rest of time has been spent trying to get a job for our visas (I am a nurse). I was wondering if anybody knew anymore about the tourist visa and work visa and if it would be worth taking a chance with these - I am in the same position as theclark as I am emigrating with children. Or anybody got any ideas on how to get a job quicker as the job market seems really slow at the mo.
Thanks :)

If you are absolutely determined to come here, they are always looking for nurses where I work.

I also live in a fairly safe area of New Zealand.

I will pm you.  Otherwise just look on any of the DHB websites for current vacancies.

But I genuinely think you are approaching this the wrong way.  The area you want to live in should come before the job in terms of decent schooling, low crime rate, accessibility to other towns/cities, etc.

This is a completely different country to the UK with a very different culture.

How can you find out about the places places to live for a family?  safety, good schools, etc

We have decided not to migrate to new Zealand for a while and we thank these blogs for making things clear for us. We are very happy with our decisions.

Wise decision, New Zealand isn't all it's made out to be.

Hello everyone, I know that this is a old post but if they someone connected please advise me.  My wife she's from South Africa and they are free Visa with New Zealand. So we would like to immigrate there but we don't know what to do, any advise please? Thanks

Good evening to all of u here ...i want to apply a job n NZ as a beautician, masseus ,and a nail technician...my question is: are there hiring for this kind of job there? and how can i apply a working visa,please i need ur advice,thanks

To be honest that type of work can be done by locals, so you would find it virtually impossible to get such a job.

Hi there, for you I would strongly suggest you have look on the following website to start with and then make contact with them and ask any specific questions

https://www.immigration.govt.nz/contact … uth-africa

I hope this helps

Thanks for ur response Stumpy..what kind of work is in need...cos I'm a college graduate anyway...but I can work even as a house cleaner and babysitter as long as I have a job there...thanks

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