I'm giving Khmer lesson-conversation for free

Hi all,
I'm pure Cambodian. I speak English, Thai, and Cambodian fluently. I'd like to assist any foreigner in Cambodia to speak either Cambodian or Thai. I can't promise formal lessons since I don't have that much time, but I like to hang out to teach and to learn.
Feel free to contact me 0978373316

Hi pisith, :)

You should post this advert under Cambodia classifieds > classes section.

Thank you.



am not an expatriate but plan to visit and if given the chance work in Cambodia.am learning a little Khmer while in my country. hope i can count on you if my schedule will allow me.



I would love to help.

Hi Pisith,

I have been here six months now and only know about 7 words to get me through...
So if you feel like helping I would really appreciate it

Sure, I would love to help. Are you in Phnom Penh? you could give me a call or email me at pisithpen[at]gmail.com to set up the arrangement.

i come here so that improve my english and i want have person good a friend .please good luck all

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hi Im in Poipet  are you ok to do some occasional translations for me

Thanks  ROY

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To note that this is an old thread.
I suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in Cambodia section if you are looking for a translator.

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