I am looking for female English teacher for my child.(age 7 boy).

Hi, my name is KOJIMA,  I am Japanese.
I am looking for female English teacher for my child.(age 7 boy).
May I know your availability for thatching.
Thank you

Hello Kojima

I suggest you to drop an advert in Language classes in Phnom Penh classifieds section.

This will help

Expat.com Team

Thank you.
I will do

Hello kojima its me Zibah I forgot to leave you my mobile number xxxxxxxxx  do call if you havent get a teacher yet

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Good afternoon,
I am not sure if you have managed to fill the position for your child's tuition. I am a Scottish woman who has just recently arrived in Cambodia.  I have placed an advert on this website which explains my experience more fully and you can view at your own leisure.  I am a freelance tutor and I can create lessons plans and test the student on their progress.  I also provide consultancy Communicative Business English coaching for more mature students wishing to improve their English for University Entrance exams.   I can also provide Communicative Business English for those needing to brush up on their English in the Business Meeting Setting. I have over 25 years experience in Business and Politics.   And please feel free to pass on my contact details to others who you may feel might benefit from my skills and experience.

Kind regards,
Isabel Hutton

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[at] Isabel Hutton > It is best that you post directly in the Language classes in Cambodia section, it is more appropriate.

Thanks :)


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