Studying in Phnom Penh

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Updated 2019-11-04 08:57

Phnom Penh is not much of a university city, but there are some quality universities in the city that teach in English. While admissions are easy compared to many countries, it is still important to know how to go about applying and what tuition costs may be. Read on to learn all about studying in a university in Phnom Penh.

The higher education system

Despite not being very well known for its universities, Phnom Penh offers some affordable English based education. In addition, most universities have a helpful admin staff and are easy to enrol in.

Cambodia does not have a student visa. If you intend to come to Phnom Penh to study, you will need to apply for the business/ordinary visa without the addition of a work permit. This visa is relatively easy to apply for, but make sure to read up on the rules and regulations related to the visa.

It's possible to transfer credits to and from foreign universities, but there are often complications which do not allow for them to be transferred. Transferring credits between universities in Cambodia can be even more frustrating. Because of this, it's often not done.

Universities in Phnom Penh

The most well-known universities in the city are The Royal University of Phnom Penh, University of Cambodia, and the Pannasastra University of Cambodia. All classes at the University of Cambodia and Pannasastra University are taught in English, whereas only certain programs at The Royal University of Phnom Penh are taught in English. Because of the lack of programs offered at The Royal University of Phnom Penh, most expats look into the two other major universities in the city.

University of Cambodia

The University of Cambodia is one of the larger universities in the country and is usually the most popular choice for expats who wish to study in the country. The registration staff is incredibly helpful, and most of the teachers there speak excellent English. The admission requirements are fairly lax. For your bachelor's, the main requirements are to have a high school diploma and pass both their entrance exam and their English language proficiency test. If you are a native speaker, you can most likely bypass the English proficiency test.

For all students in Cambodia who do not already have a degree, it is required to take a foundation year, which is a fixed set of 12 classes that will lay the foundation for your schooling. Tuition is about USD1,300 per year, and books cost about $5 per class.

Pannasastra University

Pannasastra University is another popular choice among international students. While they do not offer as many subjects as the University of Cambodia, all classes are taught in English, and they pride themselves on going through the work of transferring credits from other universities.

Entry requirements are very similar to those at the University of Cambodia. Admission fees; however, are slightly higher, coming in at around USD1,800 per year.

Cambodia has come a long way from its sobering past. When all schools in the country were once shuttered, now there are many different options for those who wish to study in the Kingdom of Wonder.

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