Looking for French private lessons

Hi everyone, I am trying to learn French and I am looking for a private French tutor who could do 2-3 lessons per week, an hour each. Payment is negotiable. Please pm me if you are interested!

Hi and welcome on board Mud!

Maybe you could post an advert in the Classes section of Cambodia classifieds.
It might be helpful ;)


If you are interested in an free exchange, we could learn each other french and english.
I have basics, and need to practice english. As a frenchman, I can have discussions with you to make you improve your french.
Do you have any level in french, or start from beginning?



Hello Kris and welcome to Expat.com! :)

Maybe you can post an advert in the Community section (Language Exchange) in the Cambodia classifieds. It can help.

Thank you,


I am a French native woman; I have a Master of Teaching French and I have been a French teacher in differents schools around the world.
Now I work for an online school.

I am flexible, so please let me know your schedule; I teach French Parisian with Skype.

Please let me know if you have more questions,

Hello Sandrine.

This thread is dated 2011. You should post an advert in the Classes section in the Cambodia classifieds. :)

PS: Can you please avoid copy/paste messages on the entier forum?

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hi mud,

I'm an English and French teacher working in PP, if you're interested contact me.


hello guys.. this is a thread from 2011 ....

Hello Sukyo,

I suggest you post an advert on classifieds Cambodia, section "classes":)


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