Organic textile production in Bali

I just started a clothing company and I want to produce the clothes in Bali. First I'm looking for people that produce textiles under good working conditions and with low impact on the environment. (cotton, linen, pineapple fabric, bamboo, all materials are interesting)
Also I'm looking for people that can color the fabric without using any chemicals.
It's a small start up clothing company, so small scale production wold be suitable.
Do any of you know off something like this?

Snowflake Apparell

If I were looking for a line that differed from other styles in Norway, I'd consider hand painted Indonesian batik designs.
You might very well find small scale manufacturers on Bali but, if you can't, there are plenty in Java.

Thank you Fred.
I'm looking for organic cotton fabric that have not yet been coloured or painted. The design is already been decided, and will be done in a different place. Small scale production is fine. Do you know of any places that make and sell the organic cotton on Bali?

I've never been to the island so I can't help you directly. The poster you need to speak to is Ubudian, but he hasn't been on the forum for around a month.
Perhaps a PM to him???

Ok thank you! I will definitely do that!

Hello Eve,
I am interested in doing a similar thing. Looking for a supplier of organic cotton garments in Bali. I was wondering if you had any luck?
Many thanks,

Hello, anyone living in Bali, Uluwatu, Ubud, with contacts in ethical, low impact, manufacturing.
specifically supply of organic cotton + dye, print, sew
I am traveling back to Bali Nov 2018, and welcome anyone who would like to meet up to discuss?
Ash - Devo

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