About rincon schools and living.

I'm relocating in a year to Puerto Rico with my family and need to know about the private English schools in rincon or mayaguez, not to far from one another. If anyone can tell me the best ones and the cost monthly per child. I have a child in the beginning of his school year 2nd grader. Anything you can tell me about those parts of pr will be helpful, because I never been to rincon or that side of the island  before. I was told rincon is the better place to live, mostly on that side of the island is best for families. I will be renting in the beginning. Thanks for any info you may have.

Hi Prettyana,

Welcome to the forum.  Can't comment on the schools in Rincon, but I have been told the bilingual school in Aquadilla is very good.

The west end of the island is my preference due to traffic and crime in the SJ area.

Thank you Sitka for the info. I will be looking into aguadilla as well.

Welcome Prettyana928,
I moved from NY to Anasco back in July and my kids attend Masis private school and they love it, its taught in English but they take Spanish and picking it up quick.  We looked at 4 different private schools Masis we thought was the best fit. All the schools can be googled.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you Thomas I will definitely look into to it. Is anasco next to rincon?

Yes they are all close. I hang out in Rincon all the time and go to Crashboat a lot.

I was raised in San Sebastián, PR. My husband of 21 years is German and has always wanted to move. I am now 47yrs. Of age, 2 kids in college and my 3rd is 12 yrs. He does Cyber school for now. He would like to attend school eventually maybe 8th gr. We are looking to give a try to live in Rincon. We now live in FL and also have a small rental in San Sebastián and it’s not for us. Lot of nice people, not to much common sense. I need to know about Masis compared to SASSO private school in Añasco and Mayaguez.

I dont suggest living in Rincon if you plan on going to one of those 2 schools. Traffic is a nightmare. Dont recommend it.   Live in mayaguez if these are schools you are interested.  Isabela has a great private school that's a montersay type of school. I recommend living in isabela as Rincon is over priced really for no reason

In Aguadilla is Froebel. In Añasco is MASIS. In Mayagüez is SESO. We live in Mayagüez so our kids go to SESO. It is VERY expensive. I think for two kids, including lunches (Which used to be funded by the federal government, but now are not), we're looking at $900ish per month, not including uniforms and books. When we lived in Aguadilla our kids went to Borinquen Bilingual School, which was a great little school, but the kids picked up no spanish at all, which is why we went with SESO. SESO has a spanish as a second language program for non-spanish-speaking children, and all but guaranteed us our kids will be speaking spanish quickly.

Thank you so much for your response!

Very helpful thread, thank you all!

Please feel free  to private messages me and I can give you my FB page or my text number

Thank you! I will message you , off the FB machine though.  I am on way there on 30th of month, so behind with getting girls in school...they have been homeschooled for past year, so may have to do that if registration is too late.  The prices thus far have been exorbitant...i appreciate you

Schools start in Aug here. I think next week
I also replied to your private message

To Nyerger:

We moved from Alaska to PR with a son going into 8th and a daughter going into 11th.  We checked out SESO, WALKS, and Immaculada (all in Mayaguez).  While SESO is a very good school, my kids did not feel it was a good fit for them.  We enrolled my son into Walks for 8th and 9th grade.  He became fluent in Spanish (he now attends RUM in Mayaguez).  My daughter went to Immaculada and graduated from there.  Immaculada is an excellent school.  My son transferred over to there and graduated from there after WALKS.  If you are looking to have your kid/kids be bilingual, I recommend immersing them as young as possible.  WALKS teaches 3 classes in English and 3 in Spanish, and the kids all help each other out.

We lived in Rincon the whole time our kids went to school in Mayaguez.  The commute is not that bad.  20 minutes each way, and we lived in Cruces of Rincon.  There are a lot of kids who commute to Mayaguez from Rincon, aguadilla, Cabo Rojo and beyond.

What part of Alaska are you from?   We lived in Sitka for may years ( hence my handle here).

We now have to place in Hatillo and love it. 😎

Thank you for sharing! I will look into this and see about commute from Aguadilla.

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