Badminton Club - All levels welcome

Hi badminton players,

I have a group that plays regulary on Wednesday mornings at 11am. We are looking for extra players if anyone would llike to join us.

Location: Tao Dan Sports Centre, District 1

It is a friendly and social group.

Contact me if you are interested



Hey am you guys play on weekends??

I love badminton and would join you or other badminton players next time when I return to Hcmc  :)

I love badminton too but I am living in Nha Trang :)

Hi everyone,

Can you please drop an advert in the Sport partners in Ho Chi Minh City ?

Thanks in advance,

Hey, i am interested to play badminton. Do you also play in Thao Dien, D2?

Hey Megamanalu,

I have played in D2 but it's not my regular place. You are welcome to play with our group on Wednesday mornings if you are ever looking for a game.


I want to join your badminton club,do you play during weekends?where and what time? thank you in advance.

Hello Steve,

I would love to join your group. As it has been a long time I haven't played badminton but I used to be one of the best players from my university.
I will come to the park tomorrow for the game.
Could we have a contact? Mine is *** (Chau) - I'm on viber,whatsapp,facetime.

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Hi my name is interested in joining your wednesday badminton number is xxx .please text me the address and i will see you next Wednesday 11am.thankyou

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Are you guys still playing? Can I join on Wednesday?



Hi Chen,

We have a group of both locals and foreigners (upper beginner to intermediate levels) playing every Sunday afternoon at Marie Curie Badminton Court Le Quy Don D3. Please PM me if you would like to join.


Hi maybe next week i can play ho chi minh

Hi i want to play.

Hi Anastasiia,

The Maria Curie court had been closed. We now play at Tao Dan sports center D1. For details please look up "Marie Curie Badminton Club" page at Facebook.


When and what time you playing. I am now still in vietnam. Soon i leaving. But like 2 connect with you. I come every year vietnam. Greatings adam

Hello Simon, thx for the information.
I just ask to join the facebook group!

I look forward to play :)

Hi Hi,

would like to play too.

Please look up "Marie Curie Badminton Club" on Facebook, and join the group to ask for more information.


Hi badminton kakis

I am coming to HCMC from18-22 March 2018 from Singapore. Like to see if have any Badminton game which I can join

hi can i join ? whats your contact?

how i join ?

you have any group you can introduce to me in D2 ? but it have to be play in evening

You can find badminton players in hcmc on the website : ***
(in vietnamese) "cầu lông" = badminton

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I would like to join :)

Hi I would also like to join :)


I would love to join the group. Please let me know how I can contact you...
Thank you!

Cynthia N

Hi, I would like to join the group but I am not good at it and just want some exercise and to sweat!!

Would like to join, is there any game at weekend instead of Wed mornings?


Hi, I'm JC. Can we join your group?

Yet to have received any further info :o

May I come and play this coming Wednesday (Sept. 19)?  If so, may I have the address and time of practice?

Hi JCJC!  Where you able to join the badminton group in HCMC?  If yes, can you help me join?  Antoine


I am looking for a badminton club are you still organizing plays?

Thank you


There is a badminton club that play almost every Sunday from 2-4pm at Tao Dan Sport Center in D1.  You are welcome to join if you like.  Facebook link:


Landing today for a month. Would love to play. I can play even on weekdays. Hit me up guys. I am staying in D1.

Can't really "hit you up" if I don't know your contact information.  In any case, weekdays also work for me.  You can WhatApp me @ ***

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Hello Steve

My name is Hugh. I am interested in playing badminton. I am looking for a group to join in. So you guys still playing on Wed morning?

Weekends would be perfect for me.. havent played for about a year back in the UK.
Will take a while to get used to plauing in the heat etc..

What sort of level players do you have ?
Next off to find a decent racket, previously used Yonex Arcsaber which i was really comfortable with. Any suggestions on where to buy in HCM ?


Hi All,

I would also like to play. I live in D7, but I think I can commute (or maybe you are staying closer to my area). I prefer mornings (8-10 am), weekends are also perfect for me.
I left my racket back in my country, need to arrange another. Can you recommend me the place I can get one?

- Artur