Badminton Club - All levels welcome

We have a group play every Tue evening 8-10pm in D7. Let me know if you're interested to join us and I'll give you more details.



Sure, I am interested, please send me the details. Also, it would be great if you can give me a piece of advice where I can get a racket, Yonex preferrably.


Our crew playing at 18H00 till 20H00 (Saturday weekly)
Pitch at District 7 sport complex at 506 Huynh Tan Phat st. D7
Joint us for some game if you refer.!

I recommend you come to Huyen Tran Cong Chua st (Nearby Tao Dan park)-District 1 or Huynh Tan Phat st (Nearby District 7 Sport Complex)-District 7.


Thanks a lot! Today I will not manage, but starting next Sat, I will be ready to join you.


I have already arrived at D7 Sports Complex. Which court no. are your group playing at? My mobile is ***

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Hi Steve, I will be coming to Ho Chi Minh on the 20th August. Will try to find the place you are playing badminton. Do they rent out badminton rackets there?
Hi Simon,
My name is Edwin, I would like to join you guys for badminton. Will be coming to HCM on the 20th August.
Things has been changed so much for the past couple of years! I have also left Ho Chi Minh City and moved to live in other province since early this year....But I'm sure there are plenty of badminton groups you can join there when you arrive :-)

Is anybody playing badminton in District 2? And where?

I would love to play, but nobody talks about badminton, but tennis.

please let me know if there's any group that gather to play  badminton, I really want to join. I'm intermediate level.

thank you, nico


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@SB HCMC You don't play on Monday or Tuesday? :(

Hi, I will be back in HCM city by the end of Jan 2023, most likely settling near Dist 2/3. Any possible groups I may be able to join for badminton? I am able to cross net, cross drop, smash down tram lines, and high lifts but with lower consistency. No prior professional training, 8 years of experience.

@Wilson Law There is a group at Khanh Hong badminton club every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm - 5pm. You can come there and ask for Duc Phan.

@Wilson Law Another group is here: *****

Sat and Sun mornings at Dong Phuong Sport club, ask for Victory Duong

Hi, I'm looking for a game if there are any groups out there in HCM. I've played with locals in the park but struggle to get up for a 6am game. Dave.

@SB HCMC Hi does this club exist?

I enjoy playing a variety of sports in my spare time, but badminton is my favorite. I believe that we engage in activities that improve both our physical and mental health as well as our mental and cognitive ability.