Studying in Bulgaria

Hello everyone,

Would you recommend studying abroad in Bulgaria?

Every year, 4 million young people from all over the world choose to study abroad for one semester or a full academic year. Would you encourage them to come and study in Bulgaria?

In your opinion, what are the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country/area? Are these free of charge? If not, are tuition fees expensive? Are there many foreign students enrolled in these schools/colleges/universities? What is the main language of instruction at the university?

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Dear All
Bulgaria is a very laid back country and you can say when the whole world is the year 2017 Bulgaria is still in the year of 1987.
Why do I say this? I have lived here since 2005 and been seeing things first hand but then when it comes to universities and private sectors they are up to the speed of 2017 most of them and for this you do your own research by visiting the country.
So what is the plus and minius of Bulgaria
Sofia is the capital and like most capitals of the world the money first gets seen here as the governments wants to impress everyone. But living in Sofia is a nightmare on its own. The Traffic and no movement like any other capital is one problem which is faced with every country. When it rains and snows in Sofia God bless you.
So get away from Sofia and settle in a smaller city like Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Pleven now why have i mentioed this 4 cities since more expat are studying in this cities and since this cities are small one will communicate faster with the other expats and know each other faster which is the main reason people go for higher education.
It is not all about studying but about knowing who is who as in the future this people will make you who you are.. .If your communication skills are poor and you think your ipad or mobile is still going to talk for you rethink as you are still in the middle of human and machine world.
I personally liked Varna over Sofia since that was the best option in 2005 but now Burgas is going to be more thriving. Both the cities are on the coastal Black Sea and the summer is just great while the winters are milder than inland of the country. While most of the places are at -26 Varna will maintain -15 although the strong winds will get to you.
So now back to which Uni... Most students come to Bulgaria for either of the 3
1) Medical 2) Technical and 3) Culinary and it will be as numbered first preference to Medical.
Tuition fees no more than 10K Euros which is the cheapest in the Whole of Europe.
Education is in English but knowing the local language will help you fast track everything else.
Are they many foreign students ... YES for Varna I know they are over 250Indians over 300germans and the rest are from Turkey and other parts but numbers I am sorry cannot be precise as I am in touch with the Indians and the Germans.
I hope I have not missed any points from the question and If i have ask me directly since every information about me will be on the net.
Enjoy Bulgaria and if you are into Bollywood and Hollywood for this I can say Bulgaria is a hot destination as most movies are being shot here due to the cheap sets and locations.

My husband goes to the American University in Bulgaria, located in Blagoevgrad. The tuition is about $10,000 a year, which is expensive but comparable to other American universities. There are many foreign students. Most of the students are Bulgarian, but there are other Eastern European students, many American exchange students, Mongolians, and other countries represented.. This is also reflected in the professors, who are Bulgarian, Italian, American, etc. The instruction is all in English, so the students must be more prepared and in that sense, the university is more "prestigious." I would recommend coming to study abroad in Bulgaria because the cost of living is lower but you also get a new experience and culture if that's what you're looking for.

Backing up Shumw2 on the American University in Bulgaria, as it is the only one with international credibility for its BA program. Yes it is very international and attracts everything  from Junior Year Abroad US students to those from far-flung regions of Central Asia and Russia as well as countries like Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Moldova. As a result, class debates between students from countries with ongoing conflicts can be really lively and educational, for faculty as well. Yes the fees are steep for the region but there are scholarships. Highly recommended.

The language barrier has always stressed people, so online schools are a good idea. It is an advantage to practice live in the virtual classroom, the fees are low and you can join from anywhere in the world.

I want to know more about American University in Bulgaria.
How is the part time job opportunities for international students

Hi I studied for two years in Bulgaria Sofia medicine university. I enjoyed it thoroughly however the fees was to expensive. I then found out about the medicine facilities in Ukraine where the tuition fee is a lot cheaper at 5000usd. It also has a large community of uk citizens.

Good evening guys! If you want to Register or transfer to a school (Bachelor or Master University) in Bulgaria just send me a message! Or any other question, I can help!

I know why I have friends who did not get along and have a hard time! they lost years and a lot of money for this reason! Not to mention the traveling without any reason! (***)

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