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Big question, is it OK to ask that a maid be single or unattached?

I don't want to come off as though I'm looking for a girlfriend, because I'm not. It's mainly because I'm a bachelor. I just don't want to deal with jealous husbands and boyfriends.

I posted my experience in the forum here but, my friends experience was just as bad. He would leave out in the morning and if he came home during the day the boyfriend would be in his house. Of course he had to fire the maid....

I just don't want to give a bad impression nor do I want to discriminate. I just don't want to have issues.

Hi, It is Okay to make it a requirement for ur maid to be to be single or unattached,that's ur preference..and with ur reasons on why u prefer that.but its not going to be easy to get one ..for a single one (with no husband) not as hard as a single and with no bf one, she  could simply lie about that if she really need the job so bad and ur offering a quite good salary.I suggest you just simply set some rules and not to be too lenient.not all husbands or bf are jealous,unless  ofcourse they know that their wife or gf have the tendency to cheat or flirt,ive followed ur one post here about ur not so good experience when u hired a househelp.you have to be careful in getting a househelp/maid,,why not ask a friend who knows a friend that can refer one with the qualities u prefer, that way u have someone to ask about the whereabouts of that person,in getting a maid it is good to ask for someone u trust that can refer someone to you.Goodluck and hope you find the right maid.someone you can trust and worth trusting and also an honest and hard working one.

I'm laughing because I did everything you suggest and that was the result. Here in the Philippines everyone wants to refer their cousins,nephews,neices,uncles,brothers sisters mom for whatever job you are seeking. Almost to the point of insistence that you hire them. I tend to steer clear of that, because of loyalty to their relationship will out weigh loyalty to me the employer. I understand that it's difficult to match well with a maid due in large part to the intimate relationship and trust needed.  After All this person is going to have complete access to your whole life and privacy. My boundaries will be absolutely no visitors to my home. Their time off is theirs. So if they have a friend and it's not interfering with the job no problem...

i understand,,its not easy to get  a housemaid these days...i mean someone  who can be trusted,honest and professional and with values.good luck to you sirrobcentral!

I understand your dilemma, sirrobcentral. It is unbelievably hard to get a maid nowadays. I want my mother to have one to aid her with her daily needs so that she can focus on managing our business. Though my mother has high standards in terms of cleanliness and work itself as well as the values and personality as a person, most of those she hires does not last very long, so she has to look for another one again.

This is always a dilemma.

Maids/Yaya's come and go. Anyone educated isn't going to want to be a Yaya. Single - they probably won't be for long. Married or older - they will always have 'baggage' of some sort.

There is good advice here, so no need for me to repeat anything, other than it is indeed very hard to find someone reasonable. Probably harder in established expat areas than in the provinces, where it is easier to find help.

You do need to be very vigilant. You do need to ensure you pay their government SSS and have them officially recognised as your 'employee'. Shortcutting this formality is very, very unwise.

For safety reasons, you have to weigh-up the real need for assistance (you lazy bachelor  :sleep ) against the real issues you can encounter as a vulnerable single person - by that I mean: Single expat = NO witnesses!!!

Is it worth it? And if you DO find a girlfriend - the Yaya will be out on her ear anyway!

Generally, you need to be careful with the people you hire or interact with. In terms of the yaya hiring, what he said is right, hiring from provincial areas far from your current location could be beneficial, since she will be a stay-in employee, low chances of obstruction and disturbance from boyfriends/family members. How about trying to hire a maid who had TESDA training appropriate for your needs?

Mari, I think you my have a great idea... thanks

How well a housekeeper does her job, or conversely, how much headache she will give you, does not depend on marital status. I think you just had bad luck with your previous housekeeper.

With regards to your situation, I would advise against specifying that you want a housekeeper who is single and unattached. I would also advise that you offer a lot less than the 15k you paid your previous maid. Otherwise, you will sound like someone who’s looking for a girlfriend, or a bride, or a maid with benefits.

Here in Manila, most housekeepers’ median salaries range from 4k to 6k depending on their skill and experience and the amount of work they are expected to do. I’m guessing that a good salary for a housekeeper in the provinces is 5k or less.

If you still want to offer 15k, you should look for someone who has more than simple housekeeping and cooking skills. With that amount, you can already demand that the housekeeper have had formal training, like the ones offered by TESDA, such as housekeeping and culinary.

Provide SSS, PagIbig and PhilHealth benefits. In addition to those being required by law, it also providing them helps reinforce that your relationship with the housekeeper is more like an employer-employee and not intimate.

As violet23 has suggested, get a maid whose hometown is far from your location. Instruct all your house help to never open the door and / or gate to anyone. If someone’s at the door, she should first inform you and let you be the one to open the door even though she recognizes that the visitor is someone you know.

Good luck in finding a replacement.

For what it's worth. A Yaya/Maid in Angeles City gets paid approx. 3500PHP per month for the first 1-2 months, rising to 4,000PHP - 5000PHP thereafter. 1 day off a week, sometimes only 2 days off a month (dependent upon generosity of employer).

Absolutely agree with FilAmericanMom - sounding like you need some "pillow company" will put applicants off (gives the impression you are looking for "extras"). As is paying way too much salary. It will be misconstrued, even if your intentions are honourable!

Whether they are single or married is irrelevant. Many only do the job because they have family/offspring to support - and that's potential 'baggage' you would be wise to avoid [emotionally].

Our Yaya's have always come from further away provinces. They do stay longer if its not so easy to 'just nip home for something'.... And you'll be lucky if you find a good one that stays longer than about a year anyway. They do seem to 'gossip' with other Yaya's and 'jump ship' regularly to pastures new.

PS. Don't give them your WiFi password - or they will be on Facebook/WhatsAp all day long!!!!

Good luck.

Thanks Filmom, that is exactly what I want to avoid. Because I have read postings for maid's in Makati and Manila near my friends condo and it sounded just like the person wanted a bed pillow. One chap was requesting daily chaperone...tsk tsk tsk.

I'm only requesting ABROAD EXPERIENCE WITH TESDA TRAINING. I am also paying SSS AND PHIL/HEALTH I wasn't aware of the other. That I will look into. I travel a lot so the maid will double as a house sitter. The older more mature the better. I'm taking my time.

Glad that you think my idea is a good one. The reason why I suggested that, is because it will set that your intent of hiring is purely for professional purpose. I agree with FilAmMom, the civil status of the maid does not always correlate with the amount of headache that she will give. It depends upon the maid on how serious she is about her job.

Good question. Hiring a maid here can get you robbed and killed.

We hired a yaya from San Fernando province. She went back to visit her kids every 3 months.  We at first gave her 4 days off, but then she said her father sick, mother died, etc, and would comeback 2 weeks later as if nothing changed.   Every time they go back to their province, assume they will not come back. We havent had one last more than 6 months.

I am an ex abroad domestic helper and luckily hired by an expat family as well here in Philippines when I decided to stay and work in my native land. I was being compensated just like you have said as my employer heartily gave me a higher salary as to the fact that I had a big responsibility being one helper in a big house with all around task by then. ..with all those things. I was that very happy to serve them and they were happy as well to have me as their helper maybe because of being separated from a husband and with grown up sons already.we both cried when they decided to go home after my 2 years with them. all those times I never felt any discrimination from them as I know I did my job well that made us both happy.

dhnindc :

We hired a yaya from San Fernando province. She went back to visit her kids every 3 months.  We at first gave her 4 days off, but then she said her father sick, mother died, etc, and would comeback 2 weeks later as if nothing changed.   Every time they go back to their province, assume they will not come back. We havent had one last more than 6 months.

We have experienced this before too. Not only with maids but with sales clerks and bakers that we hire. Of course my mother was furious because it is hard to look for people for the job, do an interview, orient them on what they are going to do, etc, only to find out that that person will not stick around for long.

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