Visiting Bahrain often and thinking of renting a place


I'm Planning to get a nice place to rent in Bahrain since I keep visiting almost every week.

Any suggestions on top places ?

I normally visit Bahrain 2-3 days a week. I prefer apartments rather than Villas.

please help.


i would suggest you when your down in Bahrain, go around your favorite/convenient area..  most of the apartments have phone numbers mentioned in the front  or you can just walk-in and ask them for vacancy.



thanks for your response.

I couldn't find any numbers on the good projects.

Numbers are found on small towers.

I checked on the internet and I came across some good real estate agencies.

The question is do they charge me anything normally?

In Saudi they charge %5.



as far as i know there are no charges taken by a agent here.


If you are looking for a party area then juffair

There a number of good websites to search for your apartment. "Bahrainpropertyworld" is a good one. The agents should not charge you anything to show you apartments, they also will not charge you for taking an apartment. They will charge the owner, but nothing should come back to you.

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