English speaking nanny in Suzhou

Hi, my name is Carlotta, I'm italian and I will move to Suzhou on January 2017.
I am looking for an english speaking nanny in Suzhou for my two boys, one will be 6 months and one will be 2 yrs.

Anyone can help me to find a nanny/ayi? I need her to speak english...

Thank you!

Hi carlotta and welcome to the forum.

I suggest that you place your request in the jobs section at the top of this page.

yes l want the job.

Hi everybody,

Just to inform you that the forum is not intended for adverts. :)

You will have more chances if you can drop your job offers and job requests in the appropriate section here : Jobs in Suzhou section.

Thank you all and good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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A Filipina nanny can do the job well at a reasonable price but the visa costs 16,000 for 6 months due to political issues. If you're willing to take care of the visa then I can easily help you find a Filipina nanny