How to get a job in Suzhou as a recent US college Grad

Hi, I was born in Suzhou I moved to US 10 years ago and I just graduated from College(University of Michigan) with Electrical Engineering Degree. I currently have a job with Chrysler that I am starting soon. I am thinking about moving back to Suzhou in the near future. Although I have no family here, like all my family and relatives are in America.

How would I be able to find a job here in Suzhou, or is there a way I can search in US to get assignments that get me to work in Suzhou?  Worst case scenario would I be able to teach English here if that pays me enough to live comfortably.

I can speak Native Level English, Suzhounese(whatever you call it lol) and Mandarin.

Hello nashty and welcome to :)

I would suggest you to post your resume/CV in the Jobs in Suzhou section. This might help.

You may also browse the Suzhou forum for better insights.


Karen :)

dude every Chinese people wanna work abroad, you are different man

thanks. I think it would be better to post in a couple month when I will have some work experience under my belt.

Also is it possible for someone like me to get jobs say teaching english or something at international or private schools. Even though I have electrical engineering degree.

I'd say you need this
good luck:)