Medical Examination


I am planning to move to Suzhou, but something strange as policy is there that I have to undergo a Medical Examination in Suzhou only, as the first step, only then my company can apply for my Work License and Invitation Letter with the concerned authorities in Suzhou.  My consultant in Shanghai told me there is some special policy in Suzhou, and after Medical done on Suzhou I have to come back to India again and apply for Z Visa here.

Can someone help me out and tell me that whether I can get my medical done in India !!!

Hi Sandy,

As far as I know, the medical examination has to be done in Suzhou. I had mine done here as well and it is a very quick affair. Your company will arrange the appointment at the medical centre/hospital and then you go from one room to another to get blood samples, eye test, dental test etc done. It is not a thorough examination so don't expect to be there for hours. I think it took me 30 minutes to go through it all.

Regarding the Z visa, I didn't have to travel back home to apply for it but I had to leave China (I went to HK) to apply for it. So maybe that is an option for you as well? I am not sure whether this depends on the nationality so I cannot advise 100% but your HR department should know what the correct procedure is.

Hope this helps a bit