Getting private teaching work in Suzhou


I have a friend in Suzhou that pairs up students and teachers. She has Chinese and English teachers on her books.

She is currently looking for more English teachers for private classes in Suzhou. Must be from UK, USA, Australia, Ireland or Canada. Must also be currently working as a teacher in a school. The private classes can fit around your schedule. Minimum 200rmb an hour. If you are interested, PM me for more details.

She also finds Chinese teachers for foreigners.


I am currently teaching at a kindergarten in Suzhou. I have also worked for EF and a middle school.

I work mon-fri 8-4,satrdays and Sundays. But I could do some eveings possibly at my place if interested?

I am English, TEFL an Degree.


Hope to hear from you soon

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Hi. My name is Eben. I am offered a job in teaching and teaching management for RMB 11 000 a month with extras. It is much less than what I earn in my home country. The only way (I believe) is to do private tutoring to augment one's income. The job offer is in Suzhou. Great to hear that one can earn up to RMB200 per lesson. My question is: how many private lessons can be fit into a normal day (on average) and what extra amount do you think I can make a month without working myself to a standstill? Thanx in advance for your answer.