Indian family - Moving to Suzhou

Hello Everyone,

Namaste !
Me and my family (Husband,mom and 8 month old son) are moving to Suzhou. I would like to reach out to other Indian families staying in Suzhou and seek advice on finding a maid/baby sitter for my kid.

Are there Indian stores in Suzhou ?
What about the rice available there - my packing and transport agency is not allowing me to transport rice (for some vago reason I cant figure out...)

Can anyone help me with some information please or direct me to an existing post that answers these questions....I am sure am not the first asking them :)


Welcome to Expat-blog, Vagdevi :)

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Also, you could view the Indian expatriates network in Suzhou, currently there are 4 other of your country fellow men living there.


hi...i am suraj , welcome to suzhou if you have already arrived.  i am also an Indian living here from 6 years. if you want any kind of help leave me a message here or its better on my email .    or    my mobile no. 15370010957

Suzhou is a beautiful city. Welcome to Suzhou. i want to give your help.My brother is in Suzhou.But,i am in Hangzhou.

Indian with a dot or Indian with a feather? JW

Welcome to suzhou. I am living here for more than 3yrs now. There are quite a lot indian families in suzhou. there is a restaurent which can provide you with the indian groccery, also there are couple pf stores in shaghai where you can place the order and they deliver it to suzhou.

send me an email and we can discuss further.


I am moving to Suzhou next year, with my family.
How did you find this city.
How about renting and living cost.