Art teacher available

Hello, I like Suzhou a lot and want to find a job as an art teacher so I can stay in this great city! I have 6 years international experience teaching primary and secondary students, but I can also teach adults. I speak English, French and Dutch but no Mandarin..If you need a good art teacher then look no further!

Hi artdragon, I invite you to post an advert in the section Jobs in Suzhou, it may help.;)


hello and thank you for the advice, will do that very soon!
I hope you like Suzhou as much as Mauritius!
Check out the paintings of Paul Gaugain, he painted on a tropical island just like yours ;)

Hi, I am a fashion designer going to Suzhou and going to be designing a scarf and embroidery line. this requires drawing the designs and preparing the artwork for the printers. I also am an artist which I assume you are.
I also think it would be a good idea to teach art to children there, especially in rural areas.

I will be going in Spring. We could keep in touch, if this appeals to you. iT would not be full time, but freelance work. Sinthia, in Maui

Hello Sinszato.

Welcome to :)

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Feel free to start a new topic on the Suzhou Forum.

You may also post your advert in the Teaching jobs in Suzhou section it may help.


Karen :) is always the best site for looking for a job in China, I think it might help you.